Helpful Websites

  • The Role of the Elementary School Counselor: A more thorough explanation of the School Counselor's role in the school.
  • Parent Toolkit:  This toolkit is designed to help parents track and support their child's academic, health, and social and emotional development from preK to high school.
  • 40 Developmental Assets for ages 5-12: The Search Institute has identified these building blocks to healthy development.
  • PBS Parents: Parenting tips and advice, as well as resources on your child's development, education and health.
  • Kids Health: This website focuses on providing information about the growth and development of your child, from healthy eating to positive parenting.
  • Growing Up Online: Digital Literacy + Internet Safety: This resource from The More You Know public service campaign helps identify ways that you can help your child use the internet in a safe and appropriate way.


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